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    We work alongside all users of our products to create new innovations
  • Simple Smart Human
    Fully electric functions with battery backup - safer for patients and staff
  • Simple Smart Human
    Our in-house manufacturing produces quality products

Fully Electric

Our fully electric stretchers (patient trolleys) with battery backup reduce manual handling and provide the safest platforms for patient mobility and trauma care.

Go Lower

With a mattress platform able to go as low as 350mm, the M9 electric stretchers help to lower the risk of patient falls and reduce their potential severity.

Safer Standards

The M9 series have been developed in accordance with EN IEC60601-2-52:2010, the hospital bed standard, to ensure the safety of both patients and caregivers.



Our commitment to excellent design never ends when we can improve people's lives and work. Since Howard Wright founded the company in 1963, we have quietly become a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical beds and stretchers.

Our Design Approach

We work alongside all users of our products to deliver new innovations that make their lives safer and easier.

Howard Wright medical beds and stretchers are shaped by our ‘Simple, Smart and Human’ design values to ensure that every detail is easy, safe, efficient and enjoyable to use.



Practical, Pure, Straightforward, Visual, Familiar.


Innovative, Elegant, Responsive, Insightful, Knowledgeable.


Intuitive, Empathetic, Respectful, Reliable, Honest.


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Electric Stretchers, Safer and Easier

Immobilised trauma patients being treated in accident and emergency departments are often re-positioned or moved by clinical staff, usually nurses.  The majority of patient platforms for trauma care while having hydraulic assistance mechanisms, still need physical input from carers when handling patients.  This can lead to staff fatigue and workplace injury.  Follow on effects include reduced operational efficiency and an increased corporate, legal and social risk.

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M9 Accessories

Customising to your unique needs is easy

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M9 Trauma

Safe and effortless trauma care

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PREMA Stretcher Mattress

A superior cell structure for uniform support

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