Purpose & Philosophy

Our commitment to excellent design never ends when we can improve people's lives and work.


Since Howard Wright founded the company in 1963, we have quietly become a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical beds and stretchers (more commonly known as patient trolleys in the UK).

This has been achieved by having a simple purpose “to make human care easier” and a philosophy of continuous improvement.

The increasing average age of nurses, higher patient weights and the importance of occupational health and safety combined with pressures for even greater workplace productivity are challenges we share with healthcare providers.

Our research with users has shown they need solutions that are practical, innovative and intuitive. At Howard Wright, we are providing these solutions.

Every day we ask ourselves, how can we make a difference?

We have applied continuous improvement to all activities, making processes and performance highly visual and creating an atmosphere which values free thinking. Ideas are captured and refined constantly.

For us, teamwork and creativity go together. Within our new environmentally conscious facility in New Plymouth, New Zealand, we have an informal yet professional outlook. When skilled people engage with a clear purpose, they contribute on all levels.

There is a sense of a close working partnership and mutual respect between our staff and customers. Everyone benefits from the organisational and design efficiencies that result.