Thank you for purchasing your product from Howard Wright.


Howard Wright, at its sole discretion, warrants that it will repair or replace defective components or faulty workmanship for a warranty period of two (2) years from the date of manufacture of the product.


No warranty claim will be accepted where:

Written notice has not been given to Howard Wright within four (4) weeks of the defect or faulty workmanship being first noticed and,

Damage is caused by negligence, accident or deliberate abuse, product modification, incorrect use, incorrect storage or maintenance and continued use of the part after the defect or faulty workmanship is first noticed.


Howard Wright reserves the right to substitute material of equal or better quality on the particular items being repaired or replaced if identical material is not available at the time of repair or replacement.

There will be no extensions to the original warranty period for any product that has been repaired or replaced.




Batteries are excluded from the warranty as their life is almost entirely dependent on the operator ensuring continual charging.

For products purchased from either a Howard Wright Dealer or Distributor please refer to their warranty terms and conditions.


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