National Bath Safety Month


January is National Bath Safety Month.

Bathrooms are one of the most high-risk areas for falls in homes and healthcare settings for patients of any age, but the risk is even higher for those who are elderly, immobile, or suffering from physical or mental health complications. For caregivers there are also risks, and bathing a patient is often a physically strenuous activity.


There are many ways to make safety a priority in a bathroom or wet room for both patients and caregivers, such as:

> Installing grab rails

> Ensuring the floor is covered in a non-slip surface

> Testing water temperature regularly

> Ensuring an optimum number of caregivers are available to help with bathroom tasks and transfers

> Using a bathing aid, such as a bath lift or shower chair/trolley


The versatile Pacific Shower Bathing Trolley provides a safe environment for showering, bathing, and patient transfer. It is designed to be mobile and features electric high-low controls with unique tub sides which lower to become flush with the patient platform. This provides an ergonomic working height for caregivers and ensures safer transfers for patients who are partially or completely immobile.

Find out more about the Pacific Shower Bathing Trolley here