Safer Emergency Transfers from the Birth Centre


Midwife-led birthing centres are becoming a popular choice for expectant mothers, with many now opting to use such services over a traditional hospital birth or home birth. The more relaxing surroundings of a midwifery unit or birth centre provide a higher level of comfort during labour, but it is an option that does not come without risk.

The Birthplace study (2011) found that approximately 4 in 10 women having their first baby in a midwifery unit or birth centre were transferred to a hospital maternity unit following complications ( When such complications arise, it is imperative that the mother is transferred quickly and comfortably.

The M9 Transfer patient trolley from Howard Wright has proven to be a valuable asset to midwifery units, including the Meadow Birth Centre at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, the Birth Centre at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, and the midwife-led Maternity Department at Basildon University Hospital. Hospitals have found value in the low height capability of the M9 Transfer, which can lower to a height of 35cm – the lowest on the UK market today. This low height enables a safe and smooth transfer from birthing couches or birthing pools, reducing unnecessary risk and stress for the mother and baby.


M9 Transfer Key features:
• Class leading 35cm low height and 80cm high height
• Fully electric, lockable functions with battery backup
• Generous 200cm x 70cm X-ray patient platform
• 250kg Safe Working Load (SWL)
• Permanently attached, fold down IV pole
• Effortless central locking brakes with 5th wheel steering


At our birthing unit, we strive to offer women a home from home environment. With this in mind we wanted an emergency trolley to facilitate quick transfers to the delivery suite as we use birthing couches instead of beds. After months of research, we came across the Howard Wright M9 Transfer trolley. It has met all our needs; the trolley reduces to the same level as our birthing couch to enable a quick transfer. We opted for the fold up drip stand which has proven invaluable during emergencies, as has the 5th wheel steering facility on the trolley. It can be manoeuvred by a single person whilst the other one opens doors. We would happily recommend this trolley to any other maternity unit wishing to purchase one
- Corrinne Wright, Willow Ward Manager, Maternity Department, Basildon University Hospital


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