Bradford Royal Infirmary Standardises with the M9 Series


Bradford Royal Infirmary have been a valued Howard Wright customer since October 2020, and our strong relationship with the hospital continues to grow. We were pleased to earn the opportunity to work with them on a significant patient trolley standardisation project over the past 12 months. During this project we have assisted with requirements in multiple departments, delivering over 190 M9 trolleys into SAU, Theatres, Maternity, Endoscopy, Day Surgery, Porters and ED.


Bradford have demonstrated their dedication to improving patient outcomes by updating their trolley fleet with the Howard Wright Limited M9 Trauma and M9 Transfer, taking advantage of their class-leading low height and ability to contribute to improving patient safety.


We would like to highlight this dedication and share the success of this project with the wider healthcare community. We are delighted to be working closely with Bradford Royal Infirmary and thank all staff involved for their continued support.


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