M9 Trauma arrives at the Maple Centre

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Milton Keynes University Hospital to deliver their fleet of new M9 Trauma trolleys into the Maple Centre, a brand new assessment unit due to open later this month.

Formerly referred to as the Pathway Unit, the Maple Centre is located immediately adjacent to the current A&E Department and has been designed to provide improved integrated access to primary, community, and social care for patients attending A&E with complex or multiple needs. Find out more about the Maple Centre here:

The hospital chose the M9 Trauma due to its unrivalled low height capability and innovative design focussed on improving staff and patient safety. The M9 Trauma is also available with enhanced savings as part of NHS Supply Chain’s capital savings scheme. Contact us to find out more.

We are delighted to be working closely with Milton Keynes University Hospital and thank all staff involved for their continued support.