Welcome Aboard County Hospital Hereford


We would like to welcome The County Hospital in Hereford, part of Wye Valley NHS Trust, to the Howard Wright family.

Wye Valley NHS Trust is one of the smallest rural District General Hospitals in England, and was also England’s first integrated provider of acute, community and adult social care services. The team in ED at The County Hospital were in search of a trolley that would contribute to improving patient safety, and the M9 Trauma was just what they were looking for.

The M9 Trauma lowers to a class-leading height, making it easier for patients to put their feet flat on the floor when getting on and off the trolley. This low height capability ensures safer patient transfers, meaning the M9 Trauma will no doubt be a great asset to the department.

We look forward to working with team at Wye Valley again in the future and thank them for their support.

Find out more about the M9 Trauma here.