Howard Wright have been selected to supply our M9 Trauma stretchers to the Accident and Emergency ward at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in South Wales. The A&E department will have a complete overhaul and move from manual stretchers to fully electric stretchers. There are numerous advantages that the staff are looking forward to including a reduction in manual handling and improved patient comfort. 

The M9 Transfer has been selected as the stretcher of choice for the Urology Ward at the Queens Hospital in Burton on Trent. Ease of patient ‘entry and exit’ was a major contributing factor in the selection process.

The Endoscopy ward at Royal Glamorgan Hospital have selected the M9 Transfer stretcher as the stretcher of choice for their stretcher renewal programme. The M9 Transfer was chosen after a trial of six other suppliers.

The Highgate hospital in London has recently procured our M9 Transfer stretchers for their Ground floor ward. Staff are excited about the benefits for both patients and caregivers of fully electric profiling stretchers.