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M9 Short Stay


Use your trolley as a bed.


The M9 Short Stay trolley is fully electric to reduce manual handling and has an outstanding 350mm low height for safer patient entry and exit.

Developed in accordance with the hospital bed standard EN60601-2-52:2010, the M9 Short Stay trolley ensures the safety of both patients and caregivers. In busy clinical environments the patient can stay longer on the trolley without compromising comfort and safety. Patient flow will be improved, and resources can be allocated elsewhere in the hospital environment.

The 125mm thick mattress and the Attendant Control Handset with underbed light gives the patient extra comfort and security when staying overnight.

Using a single button, the platform will automatically contour to a comfortable chair position. Angles and proportions have been selected to suit patients of all sizes. The mattress platform can be easily set to a Trendelenburg setting (16°) via the control handset.  When tilting in the reverse direction, the platform pauses for 2 seconds at the level position to confirm returning to horizontal. 

Designed using our ‘Simple, Smart and Human’ values, minimal maintenance and user training is required.  All Howard Wright products are specified with high quality components that have proven reliability over many years in the most demanding healthcare environments.